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A Poem by Briane Willis

Cold Light

The tree ensnares sky

In its clutches, unforgiving

Branches a loose tapestry

That I linger within

Soundless as soil, quivering as thread

Time unspools on the leaves

An overflow that shudders

Each one curved as a heart

And bared, open, brutal

In its discernment

Will you grasp the sky I gift you?

The clouds that caper

A mimic of seafoam on a sinuous wave

Will you gasp as I plumb your leafy innards?

My thumbprints stuck in your sap

This, an amber souvenir

Smelling of past, far-flung moments

That suspends me

Limbs arched like ribs

Until even the clouds disappear

The lines of our tree

Are my veins, thick

And filled with cold light

I grow my trunk and keep your circles close

You would have it no other way.


Briane Willis is a new fiction writer and longtime poet. Her poetry was published in the literary magazine Persona where she also served as a poetry reader. She has an M.S. in environmental studies and interpretation and a B.S. in geography. Her passions include unstructured nature play and garden-based learning. She lives in Central Texas with her husband and young child.

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