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A Poem by Hannah Elliott

Sleeping In The Conservatory

A child sleeps in a glass egg

Crystal shards iced together

Just like a gingerbread house

Camper bed right in the centre

Stars at their celestial zenith stare

Down through glass, sky-swaddled,

Standing guard against the ancient woods

Of crone trees centuries un-toppled

They loom at the garden fringe

Beyond the grandparent’s languishing foxgloves

The koi pond, and red wood summerhouse

Whose tree bodies likely held some mercy

But not those slumped dark figures

They’ll be dragging themselves on up

To fracture the glass with sharpened roots

Like the side of a cup against an eggshell

This glass could fracture the same

Like those peach freckled pebbles

And the child has never seen Nana Anne

Ice one of those back together.


Hannah Elliott is a nineteen year old writer from the U.K. She has work forthcoming with Small Leaf Press and Nymphs. More of her words can be found on her Twitter, @HannahAngelina5, and her blog,

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