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A Poem by Jess Ranard

What is breakfast

I will be having breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, but I will be having it later, around dinner, and dinner is where you drink a glass of wine and eat a protein with a vegetable if you are healthy, and if you are from the midwest that could start as early as 4 PM, and PM stands for post meridiem, and the midwest is a place in the middle of america, where there is a lot of corn, corn is a food but it is also a crop, a crop is something you grow & hopefully sell, but this morning, I mean this afternoon, I mean this period of post lunch before dinner, I will be eating a breakfast food called pancakes, which is a breakfast food commonly eaten for people who are nostalgic, nostalgia is the opposite of honesty, or reality, but can feel nice, and while I nostalgically eat pancakes with maple syrup, I will be listening to a soundtrack, which is a list of songs that you listen to when you are lonely or happy but mostly you just want someone, a someone is a person you like who maybe has sex with you and sends you a handwritten letter and tells you that they "like getting to know you," until they become your partner, and a partner is someone who makes you pancakes and has some kind of “fun” sex with you and stays in your bed but not long enough to pay your water bill, and your water bill is something no one wants to pay but you do, and while I eat pancakes today without a partner, I will be listening to a soundtrack, which I have already told you what a soundtrack is, which is music that sounds nice against the rain, which is what god made when you wanted to look outside and think, "it is toasty in here," and toasty is something adults say that has nothing to do with toast and everything to do with who is in your house & where you're at emotionally, and "where you're at emotionally" is something your therapist asks you when he is "diagnosing you" and "diagnosing you" has everything to do with your class and your race and your amygdala and if your uncle had a heroin addiction and if your mother drinks a lot of wine and if you think about death at least six times before breakfast, and maybe you, and I don't know who you is, will listen to this playlist, which is also a soundtrack, and think, "yes I am also toasty," or "the heat should be on," or "maybe I should coordinate plans", and plans are what you are supposed to do for that day, and my plan is to listen to this soundtrack, while I make pancakes, where I will substitute soy milk for cow milk because of my stomach health, and stomach health has nothing to do with anything, and so maybe we will listen to this playlist, which is another word for soundtrack, and maybe we will do it together, while you are in the shower, or being held by your partner, and I will be pouring a heap, or a large amount, of syrup, which comes from a tree or a factory, and the syrup will fall, or grace, or dribble, or become stuck, on, or against, or next to, a bite of a pancake, which I will eat, which is something we do to stay alive, and alive is making pancakes, for dinner, against the rain.


Jess Ranard is a queer writer and reader residing in Chicago, IL. She is always interested in what you’re eating for breakfast, and how it was different from yesterday’s breakfast. Today, she ate an egg and a piece of sausage & it was good.

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