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A Poem by T. Dallas Saylor


Tonight I sleep in the flowers

beside two rabbits. Tonight

I sleep under a sign in the stars

that I’ll dream is you. Here

in this town they don’t believe

in magic even when I spread

my hands in gentle flame—

they’re not looking, they’re looking

at my face, my skin, my shape

in dust, dusk. They see

an apparition, perhaps,

though I reserve that word

for a softer strength: petals

in fingers; eyes taking in the night

star by star; how you,

my constellation, last pressed

your forehead to mine.


T. Dallas Saylor (he/they) is a PhD candidate at Florida State University and holds an MFA from the University of Houston. His work meditates on the body, especially gender and sexuality, against physical, spiritual, and digital landscapes. He lives in Houston, TX. He is on Twitter: @dallas_saylor.

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