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A Poem by Faleeha Hassan

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Two poets

My handsome man

He is busy with another girl

Mellow like a crayon,


We met on the road to the market

Towards the book seller

We only got some pictures

Sold by an immigrant man to a woman

Who sprinkled them with her silence and framed them

" I was going to visit you on that Saturday

But the bus missed me

I drank my tears with my longing

I slept all night with your shadow

But today is Sunday

No messages will arrive

The churches alone prayed for me "

I told him:

" There is no relationship between what we say and what we mean

Let's be careful with the accuracy of the words, the game of interpretation, the borders …. "

" - Did you buy the orange? He asks: "

" - Oh, I forgot it by the clothes-rack, at the cashier "

" - I left my heart with her, maybe she will throw it in a box, it will turn yellow! "

" - I was going to love you, but that cold that runs to me now from the edges of your fingers

holds me back. "

We were babbling,

Walking long

Then, as always, we are separate.


Faleeha Hassan: She is a poet, teacher, editor, writer, playwriter from Iraq, who now lives in the USA. She is the first woman wrote poetry for children in Iraq. She received master’s degree in Arabic literature, and published 25 books. Her poems have been translated into (15) languages, , her book nominated to Pulitzer Prize on 2018, and she is the cultural Ambassador - Iraq, USA

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